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Have you ever felt like it would be better to just live in a fantasy world? One where you have the perfect relationship, you're popular, your parents are proud of you, your brother is your best friend, and you're heading to the university you always wanted to attend?

Paige Hall has such wishes, but it seems that she is going to lose all of those things while digging up the truth about what happened to Justin, her super-attractive ex, who goes missing.

But Paige can't help herself-- she has to know what happened to Justin. But the more she finds out, the more her whole life falls apart, leaving her wondering if she will ever be okay again.

Can the truth set you free? Or will it leave disaster behind? Paige fights that inner battle during her quest to solve her ex's disappearance.


I ll Take the Lie 3d book[5668]-page-001

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