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My Summer In Pictures: Favorite Summer Moments

Summer has flown by, and a new chapter of life is about to begin. As much as I say I don't like Jacksonville, there will be so many things I will miss about it. Especially the people. I have tried to make the most out of our last summer here, and this post is dedicated to all the fun stuff we've done in the past few months.

Beach Sunrises

If I'm being honest, I kind of prefer sunsets, because I have a hard time waking up early, but there is something about being out before everyone else and admiring the start of a fresh, new day. Our summer started out with my sister and me braving the early morning before she flew home to Europe. (I still don't understand why the guy taking the picture put the sun in between us.)

The Keys

More water, more heat. The description of Florida summer. This was a extremely short weekend trip, like a day and a half, but it was enough for Keith and me to get burnt to a crisp. We had fun kayaking, snorkeling, and even got to see some dolphins being trained. On our way home, we went on a tour of the everglades.

"I'll Take the Lie" Published!

The highlight of my summer. My second book was published end of June! I've been excited to share it, because it's a new genre for me, a murder mystery. And it was hard to hold in the plot because I didn't want to ruin the plot, but it was just such a cool story. :)

Getting Settled into the New Home

I've never lived with less than 3 people before, so having my own house (with Keith) was super exciting-- and overwhelming. It was so fun decorating, organizing, hosting in a place we could call our own, but being responsible for a 2 bed- 2 bath is a lot more than having one room in the house. It's definitely a step up in the adulting world.


We had a lot of fun adventures with friends, especially our small group. It has grown into much more than a once-a-week thing. Most of our small group members hang out multiple times a week with each other, and we often do outings all together. In this picture, we were on our way to visit one member who didn't have a car and couldn't come to group for a long time.

More Book Stuff.

Sorry, but I couldn't just mention my book once, could I? Check it out here.

Charlotte, NC

Keith and I took another weekend trip to North Carolina to visit his sister. We braved the heat and saw some cool things at the zoo, splashed around in a lake with her dog, and did a little sight-seeing in the city. It was probably my favorite vacation of the summer.

Jeni's Ice Cream

This deserves its own mention. With flavors from roasted peanut butter and strawberry to sweet cream biscuits and peach jam to cold brew with coconut cream, it was so hard to choose. The first time we went, we stood in line for a good 20 minutes. The next night, we went around 10, and we could walk right in. The smells were also amazing because of the waffle cones they made there.

Married life

Every stage in my life, I think I know what I'm doing and can handle the next step. And then when it comes around, I'm left wondering why I thought I was so great. Married life is fun but exhausting. I went into it with a lot of expectations toward the both of us, and I'm still learning to relax more and enjoy the moments. I will say that one of the most fun things about being married is that we get to travel together and pretty much do whatever we want (within our limited budget.) :)

So, in a nutshell, that's been my summer. My last one in Jax, last one still connected to my old college environment. It's been a lifechanging 5 years here, but I'm ready to move on. There is so much more to see. But I will always treasure my friendships, experiences, and memories I've gained in Florida. On that note, make sure you subscribe to this blog so you can stay updated on what happens on our move to LA!

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