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Overcoming Insecurities: Know God

I get it. We're human. And females, no less. None of us are ever 100% happy with ourselves. We all have insecurities. We have things we wish people wouldn't notice about us.

But those things can be motivations that change the way we act, the way we view ourselves, view others, view God, even. And that's where those little insecurities become a problem. We can't let them control us.

And that's hard. As we were talking about it my last video, we do things because we're insecure. I'm afraid I'll sound dumb, so I don't say anything. I'm afraid.

Fear causes a lot of issues. It keeps us from being our true, free selves. And that's why it's so important to overcome those insecurities.

So here is the first step, I believe. We need to go to the root of who we are. The very person that created us.

1. Know Who He Is.

Do you truly know who God is? Not just the guy up in Heaven you pray to when something goes wrong, just in case He's listening. He's the Creator. He made everything. He knows everything. And He sees everything. And the best part is that He listens to you. The Bible calls Him our Heavenly Father if we believe in Him. He is our protector and provider. No problem is too big for Him, and no issue is too small for Him to help us with.

We need to see God as the greatest being, but we need to see Him as someone who loves us too. Understanding who He is fundamental to knowing ourselves.

2. Know Who You Are to Him.

Okay, so God is this crazy powerful being that makes me look tiny and insignificant. So how is that supposed to make me feel better?

Well, that's the thing. Even though He's that amazing, He still loves you. He created you, and you are so important that He gave His most precious possession, His Son, so you could be with Him forever. How crazy is that?

God made you and wants a relationship with you. Compared to Him, we are insignificant, but for some reason, He says to come to Him, be His child, spend time with Him. If the greatest Creator in the universe cares that much about you, does it really matter how you feel about yourself? How can you hate His creation? What right do you have to tell Him that He made a mistake? That you aren't good enough? If He loves you, if He planned every bone in your body, you ought to love yourself too.

3. Know His Plans for You.

We've already established that God created us. And He didn't just create us haphazardly; he made us the way we are for a purpose. The things you like, the way you look, the family you were born into, they're not a coincidence. God made us all with different gifts and abilities so we can serve Him in our own unique ways.

So don't be upset when your strengths aren't the same as your friends. You're not your friends, you're your own person. And there is a special way you can contribute to God's work. So don't be insecure. Don't blame God for something you want in yourself that you don't have.

Every single person has value. So if you don't see yourself that way, there's something wrong with your perspective, not with who you are. Next week, we'll talk more about knowing ourselves. Until then, spend time getting to know the One who is the reason you're alive!

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