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"Perfect" Revamped: Release Date & More Goodies

Hi friends!

It's been a while since I've stepped out from behind the computer to talk about stuff that's going on in my writing life. (Unless you're on my newsletter list, in which case you already know most of this :)

Well, I wanted to officially tell you about "Perfect." I've spent most of this year rewriting it and designing a new look in the light of the coming sequel. I've added a couple new scenes to the story, but for the most part, it will be the same story of Gina and Joel, just with better sentence structure. Haha.

So when will this new-and-improved book be available for the public? AUGUST 1ST, 2020.

That's right! Not even two months away. As of today, the ebook is available for preorder

here ! That means it will be sent to your device bright and early on August 1st. Of course, if you prefer a paperback, all you have to do is mark your calendar and show up the day of to order it.

If you already own "Perfect," don't feel like you're missing out. Because I have another treat for you! I'm currently working on a novelette of what happens after "Perfect" ends. It will be available in the next few months as well, and it will be free! Yes, if you haven't signed up for my exclusive monthly newsletters, you'd better go do that now, because I will be sending it everyone on the list as soon as it's available.

Until then, I'll be updating my website so you can access more fun things to prepare for the novel: things like a playlist I created with the story in mind and a discussion guide for those who read it together.

Am I overwhelmed by all the work I'm going to have to do? Only a little. I'm mostly excited that we can hold the first book of the trilogy in our hands so soon!!

I think that's enough for now. I'll leave you with some of Joel's famous words:

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