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Writing Contest & Giveaway!

I'm back! And I wanted to do something fun for you guys. In the video below, I'll explain what this contest is and why I'm hosting it. I want to make it clear that anyone and everyone is welcomed to join, as long as they follow the guidelines. See what this is all about!


•follow me on Instagram or Facebook

•tag a friend you think would like this competition under this post (or one of the contest-related posts on my social media)

•200-1,000 words


•any genre (short story, poem, spoken word, etc.)

•send project to my email:

•ends May 28th, 2019

•winning stories will be shared on

Prompt: Tell me about yourself! How you got to this place in life, your ambitions, something about your past, anything involving your life.

Winner gets $30 gift card! Second place gets $20 gift card With any questions, reach out to me at that email address, and I will respond ASAP.

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