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The end is coming... ​

After a tragic event the previous semester, the band falls apart, sending Gina and her friends into unknown territory. When her friends start moving on, looking toward graduation and pursuing different futures, Gina has to figure out a way to get the band back together. ​But how does one get back to the way things were before tragedy? And what will happen to Gina if everyone moves on and she's left with nothing and nobody... again?

Fractured is the last book of the Perfect trilogy, exploring themes of growing up, loss, and letting go of control.

Coming 2022

Meet the Characters


Gina Bryer

loves: her boyfriend, the band, her plans for the future

fears: uncertainty, being left alone, losing the ones she cares about most


Joel Leon

loves: Gina, his major, the idea of starting a new life outside of school

fears: past nightmares; letting God, himself, and others down


Jasper Webber

loves: he's not really sure anymore

fears: having nothing to live for anymore, never loving anything again


Eve Vega

loves: her family, teaching, feeling included and important

fears: falling back into her "old ways," losing her friends to their grief

Rob Dennis

loves: music, metal, music. oh, and a certain cute girl

fears: losing his band, not being able to pursue his passion

"The sky was fading from purple to a silky black. In the low lights, the thousands of people looked like ants, their voices melting into a loud murmur. I breathed in the smells of sweat, beer, and freshly-cut grass and placed my hands over the keyboard, a shiver running up my bare arms.  

This was it. This was the life. Whether we won or not, I knew that I wouldn’t trade the feeling I felt at that moment for the world. With friends like these, what could ever go wrong?  

Stupid Gina. If only I’d known what was about to come. I would’ve given up the whole concert, the whole band. But how could I have known then that that night would be the best and the worst night of our lives? "

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