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Perfect Series


Perfect- isn’t that something everyone wants to be? Gina has done everything she could to please her parents, gain her friends’ approval, and get that one guy’s attention, but it never seems to be enough. There’s no pleasing everybody. She’s struggling just to get through the year when a mysterious guy abruptly decides to become part of her life and disrupts everything she’s ever believed in. Could he actually be right? Is perfection really unattainable? Or by listening to him will everything she’s worked for fall apart?

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Gina's life was finally coming together—learning to stand up for herself, making real friends, dating the best guy. And then everything changed. Now she's starting a new life in rural Tennessee, hundreds of miles from everyone she's ever known and loved. Is God really all she needs to get by? When things start slipping from her grasp, old ghosts appearing, Gina has to make a decision—figure out things alone or admit that she needs help. The heartbreaking novella of Gina's life between the bittersweet ending of Perfect and the new adventure coming in Different.

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Good girl Gina is gone. But who is she now? ​Gina has been looking forward to getting away from the past that's haunting her at home, starting a new life far away at college. But she never expected that her past would follow her there. Having to meet all new people in a brand new place, all she can do is pretend that she's as normal as everyone else and try to fit in with her new friends. Because who knows what would happen if they found out who she really is? Different dives into the crazy, convoluted world of Christian college with some of your favorite characters.

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The end is coming... ​After a tragic event the previous semester, the band falls apart, sending Gina and her friends into unknown territory. When her friends start moving on, looking toward graduation and pursuing different futures, Gina has to figure out a way to get the band back together. ​But how does one get back to the way things were before tragedy? And what will happen to Gina if everyone moves on and she's left with nothing and nobody... again? Fractured is the last book of the Perfect trilogy, exploring themes of growing up, loss, and letting go of control.

Does the truth really set you free?

Paige Hall doubts it, after her boyfriend Justin tells her he’s over it, leaving her with a broken heart and crushed dreams. When Justin disappears, she can’t help but try to find out what happened to him. But when the more she searches, the more problems arise, she can’t help but wonder if it would be better to just accept the lie…

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