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Updated: May 31, 2019

I’m nervous. First day, and I don’t know anyone. That girl there, she’s probably worked here forever. Look at the way she’s taking charge and handling the customers so well. She glances at me and then quickly back to what she’s doing. She doesn’t even smile or give a nod or anything. She’s probably a snob. Doesn’t want to have to deal with a newbie. Oh, great. I have to work right beside her now. Maybe I replaced her best friend who just got fired. I wish I could be friends with the people I work with. She doesn’t even look at me. Why does she have to be such a jerk? She jokes and talks to all the supervisors like they’re great friends. I can’t even speak to them without stuttering. I wish I could just skip to the time when I’m as confident in this job as she is. I want to go home.

So she’s the new hire. She’s so pretty. I wish I could pull off that skirt. Oh, she caught me looking. I turn back to the man in front of me. “How can I help you today, sir?” I need to act cool. She’s probably judging my weight. I can’t help that dieting doesn’t help. I’ll never be that skinny, even if I stop eating entirely. She’s coming over to watch me. Just stay focused; she’s probably scrutinizing everything I do. I hate being the one people send the new hires to watch. She seems like a nice person. It would be nice if we could be friends. I’ll wait till she asks a question or talks to me.

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