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6 Things to Do in Your Free Time This Summer

Happy Summer, everyone!

What are your plans for the summer?

For me, it’s almost busier than during the year, with more work than ever, but I remember those good ole’ days when I didn’t have school, and work took a break over the summer. There were so many camps, church events, and other stuff, but I always had extra time in the summer to spend bettering myself and growing closer to God.

So here are a few things I did in the summer that I didn’t really have time for during the schoolyear.

1. Take on course on/ learn something you’re interested in but aren’t studying.

The summer is cool because you don’t have to learn anything if you don’t want to. But don’t let that dissuade you from learning new things. When else will you have time to learn how to cook, start learning a new language, take a yoga class, or maybe start writing that story you always wanted to write? Summer is the time to do that. And there are so many opportunities out there.

2. Actually study the Bible.

My favorite part of the summer was being able to spend an hour or two a day reading the Bible, praying, and writing down what I learned. It’s hard to spend a lot of time during your busy everyday life, because you already have to get up early and stay up late. What better way to start your summer days than really digging into God’s word? Don’t let the time slip away from you. Make it a priority to seek God this summer.

3. Journal.

Another great opportunity to get to know God. But this is good for you, too. You actually have time to write down what you’re doing, thinking, planning. I used to journal every morning after I did my devotions, and I learned so much just from writing out my thoughts.

4. Read more.

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. Start on that reading list you’ve always been forgetting.

5. Cross things off your bucket list.

Do you have things you’ve always wanted to do and didn’t have time for? Try knocking out some of them this summer. Grab some friends, go skydiving, learn how to write left-handed. Now’s the time.

6. Spend QT with your family.

I’m starting to see now how important time with family is. Now that I’m living so far away from them, I cherish every time I get to see them. Take advantage of that while you can. Go on some fun trips, play board games, make memories.

Take it from me, someone who still has to get up at 6am and barely has time to do laundry. Enjoy the time you have, but don’t let it go to waste. Work on yourself this summer. You won’t regret it.

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