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How to Sell--Remember Your Why

This post is for those of us selling something. Whether you’re trying to promote your new business, selling hand-crafted jewelry and essential oils, or just want more followers on Instagram, you’re selling something. And you want people to respond.

Whenever I go on social media, I get overwhelmed by all the ads, all the people promoting their "stuff," the sheer abundance of the consumer culture. It's easy to get lost and feel like everyone's out to get you and just wants your money.

When I first got around to actually trying to promote my books, I was terrified. Pitching my creation to total strangers sounded like the most unnatural, grueling thing. But my husband, ever the businessman, reminded me: I’m not selling a product, I’m selling a solution. A book that helps and encourages people. An entertaining and thought-provoking time for the reader who picks up my novel. I’m not shoving something totally useless onto them. My product has value.

Okay, that sounds pretty basic. But I was thinking about it the other day and realized an even deeper truth behind what I'm doing.

I don’t write books to be rich (even though that would be great). I don’t spend hours slaving at the computer because I want every person on earth to buy my book. Why do I write? To inspire young women, show them they aren’t alone, that they have a purpose in life, that someone loves them.

We aren’t out there selling stuff we don’t believe in (at least I hope not). We truly want to help people, love seeing them happy and excited about what we got to them. It’s the best feeling in the world when I hear someone say that my books affected them in some way. That’s why I do what I do.

It’s time for us to stop worrying about the numbers. Stop trying to push products onto everyone, including people that have no use for them. It’s time to stop comparing, worrying that you’re not reaching as many people as you should.

It’s time to stop and remember your why. God gave you a gift, something you can serve others with. Does that mean you have to give it away for free? No. But it does mean that your main goal should be to inspire, help, love those you’re serving. Let me say it again: IT’S NOT ABOUT THE NUMBERS.

I become the most discouraged when I start comparing my sales and results to others. But when I start looking at it as bringing God glory through my work, I can relax, trusting that He has a plan and will work His will to get it to the people that need it the most.

I know I talk about my books a lot. But if someone lands on this blog or my social media and never reads one of my books, I still want to have impacted them to be a better person. To cling to the Lord and seek Him. To open up and be themselves.

Remember the reason you started. Remember that desire and passion God put in your heart. Then go for it without stressing and living in fear of your engagement and results.

What’s your goal? Why do you sell what you sell? How could this mindset change everything for you?

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