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A Letter to My Fifteen-Year-Old Self

(In case anyone was wondering what I looked like when I was fifteen :)

Dear Nancy,

I've been having dreams, really vivid ones, about when I was back in high school. When life was crazy, tedious, and unpredictable. You're feeling it right now, right? You don't know who your real friends are. You're kind of cruising by, pretending to be chill about everything, but inside, it feels like everything's being held together by a thread.

Let me tell you, fifteen is a rough year. You don't really understand who you are or who you want to be. It's okay. It takes a little time. You think you're in love with this guy who occasionally talks to you, if he feels like it. You don't. It hurts now, but let me tell you, true love is right around the corner.

Can you believe it, that in just a few years, you'll be out of high school? You'll be going to college and meeting hundreds of new people. Yes, that sounds super scary, but believe me, you're going to make some of the best friendships you'll ever have.

But that's in a few years. For now, just remember: it's okay to be different. Don't be ashamed that you don't know or like every movie and song that everyone else does. Embrace your loving family, your love of writing. Yes, writing sounds like an insane dream, but believe me, it makes you happy.

Another thing to remember: you won't be surrounded by these people forever. Yes, right now, your classmates are your world, but don't change yourself for them. In a few years, you won't ever see most of them again. That's a relief, right?

In conclusion: be you. Don't take yourself so seriously. And talk to God about everything. He's the best friend you can ever have. Be excited! Your life is about to become a whirlwind of love, hurt, newness, and beauty. Maybe it is all that even now, if you just stop to see it.


Twenty-Five-Year-Old Nancy

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