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Dry Spell

Updated: May 31, 2019

I don't usually step out from behind the computer and just talk about my life, but I feel the need to keep you in the loop, and because it is my blog and I decide what I write about, that's what I'm doing today.

May was a rough month for me. Graduating was fun, but after that, I was worried. Stressed. Clueless. I spent hours applying to jobs, wondering what I was doing with my life, and writing. I wrote a lot. One good thing about not having much of a job is that you have time for other things. I spent so much time on my book and with people. Even though it was awesome to get closer to others with my free time, I was stressed to the max about my finances. I never realized how hard it was to find a good job, even with a degree.

Then I finally got a callback. Two interviews and a few grueling days of waiting later, I had a job. I was thrilled. I still am. And with the flurry of training and making money, I lost the freedom I had of spending all day writing. My training lasted 3 weeks, and I didn't touch my computer at all other than for watching a movie or a show here and there. The longer it got since I'd last written, the scarier it seemed to go back to it. My stomach still trembles now as I think about all the editing I need to do on my manuscript and finishing the dreaded book proposal. I kind of liked going to work and coming home to just relax or hang out with friends. Nothing grueling like coming up with new content or pulling my writing apart.

So here I am. I'm done with training, and I have more free time during the week. Now I can face my fears and get back to it. I realized that my life will never be a perfect balance of work and rest, writing and other activities. I need to make the best with what I have. I get discouraged a lot, one of my biggest flaws, and it keeps me from achieving as much as I'm capable of. So I'm letting you know that I'm coming back. I'm fighting my way out of the dry spell and will be writing more blog posts along with working on getting my book published. Thanks for sticking around. I'll be back real soon.

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