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God Uses Your Failures

I was talking to someone earlier this week, and she told me a deep, dark secret she'd been keeping for a while. She told me how it took over her life for a while and how she'd fought to overcome.

And while listening to her story, I remembered the best and hardest lesson I've learned from my failures-- that God uses them.

God uses our failures.

When I was in high school, I struggled so much with my self-worth. I beat myself up every day, how I wasn't cool enough, I wasn't fun enough, I wasn't worthy to have friends. I gave into my perfectionism and let it tear me apart.

But if I hadn't gone through those dark times, I never would've written Perfect. My first book ever. The book that shocked me when girls in high school said that it was so relatable. I took those experiences and put them into a powerful story. That book helped me go to others and show them that they aren't alone in their feelings of inadequacy. That we all feel like we're worthless sometimes. And how big of a lie that really is.

God used those sad years of perfectionism in my life to help others.

He still uses them. And He uses a lot of other failures. And yes, it's not fun to have to go through the pain and heartache. But remember: those things don't define you. They are things God can use to change you and others around you.

So think about things you've been through-- how could you help others who are struggling? How have you become a strongest person? Thank God today for helping you overcome your biggest struggles. And if you're still fighting, be encouraged. It's not over yet. And someday you'll have a great story to tell.

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