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When People Are Against Your Dream

Updated: May 31, 2019

What do you do when you have a dream and people aren’t supportive?

That’s a hard one. The Bible teaches us that you should have counselors, wiser people than you to give you advice and support. Having parents, friends, mentors who are there for you in the hard times can be the changing factor to your success. Because following your dreams is risky. And if you don’t have people who believe in you, it’s hard to believe in yourself.

Of course, it’s not impossible. We’ve all seen those movies where our hero’s trying to win, and his friends and family say he could never do it. Then he overcomes, conquers, and everyone’s apologetic and says they were wrong. But that’s in the movies, and we all know real life isn’t exactly like that, right?

So what do you do? How do you know when to listen to the naysayers and when to agree and give in? I think the next four questions are vital to figuring out whether to pursue a wild dream or to settle for something better.

1. Ask who

Who is against your dream? Your parents? Siblings? Close friends? Someone you respect? Or is it someone who doesn’t want you to succeed? Some people don’t have your best interest at heart. Others might just not care enough to give you good advice. You need to make sure whoever you’re confiding in truly cares about you and is someone whose opinion you trust.

2. Ask why

Why does that person say not to go for it? He might have an excellent reason. Or maybe he doesn’t fully understand what you want to do or how. In that case, you can go over it a little more, help him understand what you’re trying to do. Unfortunately, a lot of parents already have a plan for their child, so when she decides she wants to do something else, they get upset. Yes, you should respect your parents, but if you have a passion for something different, you don’t have to feel obligated to live their life. So do the naysayers have a good reason? You must ask yourself before deciding.

3. Ask what

What is your dream? Will it ultimately change the world for the better? You may love gaming, but is that what God wants you to do for the rest of your life? When deciding what to pursue, you need to be searching the Bible. Of course, it doesn’t tell you that you should be a mechanic, but it has a lot of guidelines and principles you can use.

4. Ask how

How will you live your dream? Are you physically capable of doing it? We all have tendencies and shortcomings that make us likely to do some things than others. I’m a tall, skinny girl who hates working out, so I doubt I could win an Olympic medal in weightlifting. On the other hand, I’m good at writing and have a ton of ideas and the drive to write.

Do you have the ability? Do you have the opportunity? A lot of opportunity we make for ourselves, but there are some things we can’t change. I wasn’t born in the US, so I’ll never be able to be president. Instead of fighting it, I can do something I have the opportunity to do, like travel.

Now it’s your turn.

Ask yourself these questions. Who’s telling you no? Why? Is your dream something that will bring glory to God? Is it achievable?

I pray you get clear guidance, and I do believe God uses people in our lives to help us make hard decisions. If everyone you love and trust in this world says no to your idea, it might be time to give it up. Don’t keep searching until you find one person that supports you.

The good news for you who don’t know what to pursue is that God will bless you no matter what you do, as long as you’re seeking to please Him. Don’t stress it! Just be faithful in what you have now.

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